CorpHealth is an ‘employee wellness reward program’ designed for corporate & companies of every size. It rewards employer & employees for taking health as priority. It redefines employee’s health care & corporate health checkup. CorpHealth provides a co-branded health card which not only acts as employee health card but also entitles employees for host of benefits & privileges.

CorpHealth conducts free health awareness seminars, body composition checkups and offers comprehensive health checkup. It offers solutions for preventive health & better living on a digital platform with personalized Health Monitoring Panel & Electronic Health Records (EHR) and on site health, nutrition and lifestyle consultations.

Employee Perspective

  • ‘We care for you’ feeling from the employer
  • Sense of belongingness & bonding with the employer
  • Being the part of India’s 1st wellness reward program
  • Getting rewarded for taking care of personal, family & friend’s health
  • His/her health is taken care of automatically with highest Preventive Care standards, which was otherwise not his/her priority
  • Once aware, this can be replicated for his/her family members which ensures better family health and intern a HAPPY HOME
  • Better Health – Better Lifestyle – Better Living
  • Less curative medical expenses and stress
  • Tax saving for Employee under 80D

Employer Perspective

  • Unmatched employee health program with focus of making health a priority
  • Co-branded personalized health card & health monitoring panel for every employee
  • Building trust and loyalties within employees
  • Making the workplace healthy & productive : Healthy Employee - Happy Employee - Productive Employee
  • Setting ‘health’ as priority in employee’s mind : Healthy Employee – Healthy Family – Less Absenteeism
  • Higher morale of employees ensuring healthy work places and intern healthy profits to the employer
  • Saving on the curative medical claims of the employees and their families
  • 80G facility enables this health care package to be included in the CSR activity of the employer, saving a lot of taxes
  • Customized health programs for all sizes of Corporate/companies/organisations.