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GoYNG Sx Eye Care for Eye Nutrition and Eye Health 60 tablets

(8 reviews)

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  • GoYNG Eye Care a daily eye care supplement is for gadget tired eyes, for people who are in front of screens for a long time. Helps maintain good eye health in this digital age and reduce the age-related eye discomforts.
  • Powerful formulation of ingredients like Vitamin A, lutein, bilberry, zeaxanthin, carrot extract, multivitamin, Iron etc. Repairs eye damage due to aging or screen exposure, full B Vitamins complex, including B1, B2, B3, B6 & B12
  • Natural extracts of Zeaxanthin and lutein are found naturally in the back of the eye, keeping vision healthy and nourished. Since our bodies do not reproduce these nutrients, it’s important to take an eye vitamin to help with eye health. Lutein, Zeaxanthin in GoYNG Eye Care is to support eye connective tissue and hydrate eyes. Bilberry standardized extract which is rich in anthocyanins that improves visual function and helps support blood vessel strength, helps for dry eyes & enhanced protection.
  • Daily dose of vital nutrients, multivitamin to fight digital fatigue of eyes and to support healthy eye function. All natural formula. Made with herbal extracts. 100% vegetarian & gluten free. Suitable for Men, Women, Senior Citizen, Teenager and Adult. Provides superior eye protection with zero side effects.
  • Daily dosage 1 tablets a day for adults of any age group to save from eye disorders.
  • Hosmar Mulla


    Keeping the eyes healthy and stress-free are really proving helpful in my case. Completed a course of 1 bottle already and now feeling more relaxed while working on screens for even more hours.

    Shashi Maali


    I feel the difference. Highly recommend.

    Bappa Ditta


    Using it for my eyes. Having less screen problems.

    Swamy Narayanan


    I am already done with 3 weeks and feeling a little ease on my eyes. I constantly work on screens for more than 7 hours a day and can surely tell the difference. Will surely buy more… much recommended.

    Gunent Kaur


    Really good for eyes.

    Divya Agarwal


    It’s been just a week now. Will surely share the result after the pack is over.

    Rosy Arun


    I am feeling the difference while completing almost 4 weeks. The eye strain is gone and haven’t faced the problem of dry eyes lately. Loved the Eye Care.

    Sheetal Shah


    For my eye health. Feeling relaxed even looking at screen for long times.