At WellthyLife, we conduct ‘Live Wellthy’ sessions which are FREE OF COST health awareness seminars with FREE body scan. It is our initiative to create a wellthier community around us.

It is a compact and crisp one hour session specially designed with the core objective of creating health awareness in people and helping them set their health as priority. Live Wellthy Session is for everyone – be it health-pro, health-conscious or health-guilty. It is for people of all age group – be it a college student, mid-age individual or senior citizen. The idea is to make it beneficial for everyone who is living an urban life.

Health is the REAL Wealth. Wealth is of little use if you lose your health. Health gets neglected while we earn our living and run through this fast forward life. We all get into life race and our priority changes with work, career, business, children, family, livelihood etc and as result our health takes the back seat. As result, most of us are at health risk and not even aware of it.

The session highlights these flip sides of modern living where we have sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy & untimely diet, stress, lack of good sleep, pollution, radiation, toxic intake etc.

The objective of Live Wellthy sessions is to set your health as priority so that you become able to listen to your body signals and act before it’s too late. Most of the health problems can be averted if diagnosed well in time and most of the disease wouldn’t come if we start listening our body signals.

In Live Wellthy Session, health scan is done free of cost. This includes complete body composition analysis and blood pressure measurement. The session is free of cost and is available for societies, companies & corporate of all sizes, govt departments, clubs, associations and for select groups. All you need to do is check the available slot and book a WellthyLife session for your housing society or company or select group.

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