At WellthyLife, we strongly believe that every human being owe a lot towards our society. It is our moral obligation that we contribute as per our convenience towards betterment of the society around us.

WellthyLife Foundation is an entirely charitable social initiative of WellthyLife with an objective to bring health value to the poor, needy and mass in the areas of preventive healthcare. The core domain of WellthyLife Foundation is to spread awareness about importance of preventive health and promote healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and regular health screening & monitoring. It also extends special care for elderly and senior citizen for all their preventive health care needs.

Through our various awareness campaigns and event, we wish to make everyone in the society aware and well informed about the overall health and wish to ensure that people take preventive health care topic seriously in their own lives. WellthyLife Foundation is ready to get associated with like-minded people, institutes, hospitals, doctors, health professional etc to extend these services to the community.

There is no better service than taking genuine efforts towards the community health as a whole and we sincerely solicit everyone's contribution and interest in it for us to make it a reality. WellthyLife Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is committed to assign a part of every sale proceed for the WL foundation so that internal funding could be raised for our social initiatives.