WellthyLife Seniors

WellthyLife Seniors is a specially designed ‘Wellness Reward Program’ for elderly people above 60 years of age. It encourages them to take a better care of health and rewards them for taking health as priority. It does free awareness seminars & body composition checkups and offers comprehensive health checkup. The offerings include unique and convenient health monitoring tools, life-time access to Health Monitoring Panel, Electronic Health Record (EHR), free monthly home visits by advisor etc.

Preventive Health becomes very important for elderly people as their risk for health problems increases with age. Diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Respiratory Disease, Osteoporosis, Prostate enlargement, Alzheimer’s disease / Dementia, Cancer, etc become common. By preventing problems or identifying them at an early stage, the seniors are more likely to live a longer, healthier & more satisfying life. It is well said that “You do not heal old age. You protect it, you promote it and you extend it”.

WellthyLife helps seniors achieve it with its unique iCare Approach & DELs theory. It is all about taking a good care of health and get rewarded for doing so. All you need to do is enroll in WellthyLife Seniors reward program. Enrolling is easy & absolutely FREE.

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