What We Do

At WELLthyLife, our core intention is to provide you authentic and in-depth knowledge with innovative products and services in the domain of prevention and care and help you make your health a priority in your life.

  • Authentic & in-depth knowledge on Prevention & Care
  • World class & reliable check-up at delight prices offered at your doorstep
  • Doctor’s consultation & expert’s advice
  • EHR (Electronic Health Records) for your secure & Convenient Access
  • Exclusive trending panel for health monitoring
  • Authentic Products @ Honest Prices
  • Unique referral & Customer Loyalty Program
  • Expert advisory panel

Authentic & in-depth knowledge on Prevention & Care

At WELLthyLife, we believe in scientific, unbiased and authenticated information to be made available to every individual to explore and understand minutest details about one’s health and preventive measures. We are thankful to our very knowledgeable advisory panel members who bring in the real value to the information displayed on our website or published in any other form. We ensure that all the content is thoroughly checked and approved by our respective advisory panel members before publishing it in the public domain. All our contents are with authentic references which are mostly mentioned within the article itself. WELLthyLife thrives through its painstaking efforts to cover as many topics as possible to provide you the best of the desired information at your convenience.

World class & reliable check-up at delight prices offered at your doorstep

Once you have made up your mind to step into our prevention and care approach, it is important that you know your present health condition. To do this quickly and conveniently, we offer you a multi-profile multi-parameter blood test at your doorstep. Your blood test covers all the major health profiles like cardiac (lipid), diabetic (glycemic), thyroid, kidney (renal), liver, CBC, toxins, etc which gives you a fair idea about your present health condition without any expensive diagnostic tests. The blood test that we offer is no hassles at all. Once you book it online, the collection agent would take your appointment for the blood collection at your convenience. The blood collection agent then would visit you at your residence or office (anywhere you wish without disturbing your schedule) and collect the blood sample. Your digital reports are shared normally within 24 hours from the blood collection by email and the hard copies are sent to you by courier. The reports are also loaded in your WELLthyLife health card digitally (electronic health record – EHR) and the card is sent to you with the reports. These reports are also available to you on your online panel to view and monitor it anytime you need and will remain in your EHR panel forever.

“Health Check Up Tests”

Doctor’s consultation & expert’s advice

Once your blood test is done and your reports are shared with you, our panel of doctors and nutritionists would evaluate your details and give you telephonic consultation wherein they will analyze your blood test reports and discuss the same with you in details (which normally never happens with any other doctors). Our doctor would explain you your areas of concerns and suggest you solutions including recommendation of suitable lifestyle and diet chart as per your present health condition. This analysis helps you to understand your strong and weak health areas and gives you an opportunity to manage the problem areas effectively and very much in time.

EHR (Electronic Health Records) for your secure & Convenient Access

WELLthyLife offers you the unique Electronic Health Records (EHR) facility on your personalized health panel. For the first time all your blood test reports are digitized and uploaded in your panel by our backend team, whereas you are free to upload any number of reports thereafter in your panel, may it be pathology, diagnostics, surgical, allergies, doctor’s prescriptions, discharge cards, anything that you wish to store digitally. It is just a matter of scanning the documents and uploading it on your panel. All this data is then available for you on your fingertips in your panel. Any of these stored reports could be printed or shared with your doctor, your family members away from you or anyone else. This enables you to have your entire health records of any period in the past very handy and available anytime when you need it. This facility helps a lot in the times of emergencies too (we pray god that you don’t get into any such challenging situation) wherein all your records could be shown instantly to the attending doctor / paramedics. With this EHR facility, there is no need to carry the entire load of medical files while you visit your doctor even for the routine health checkup. This data could be any time accessed with your secure login ID which makes it safe and confidential.

“Electronic Health Record”

Exclusive trending panel for health monitoring

WELLthyLife offers you an exclusive Personalized Health Monitoring Panel with trending features. To start with, you need to feed your basic body parameters as height, weight, DOB, gender, etc on your panel and answer our very exhaustive questionnaire which helps us to understand your required details at the time of beginning your journey towards healthy living. These details could be edited anytime later should there be a change in any of the parameters. The panel could also be accessed from your smart phone at anytime from anywhere. Upon analyzing your basic parameters and your vital readings, your panel will give you a pictorial presentation of your health status and its progress thereafter for few of the vital parameters. This helps you to check and monitor your health condition on regular basis while editing all your basic data as and when required.

Either in preventive or in curative health care, what matters the most is the past data of your vital parameters like Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Sugar or any other such parameters. It is not just important for your doctor to check these trends and arrive on a suitable conclusion for your disease management, but this data gives you very special and personalized tool to monitor your health progress on continuous basis. WELLthyLife offers you the unique Trending facility for many of your vital health parameters. Once the readings are fed in your panel, you are then given a graphical presentation of the trends / charts of the selected parameter with facility to print of share with anyone you wish including your doctor. Regular data entry of the vital parameters is what is required to check these trends at any given time. While you can check and monitor your healthy parameters and be assured about them, you now have an opportunity to monitor your problem areas more specifically and avoid further damage to take place at just the right time. This in true sense is preventive care according to us. With this facility your health scanner will always be on and would be always working towards catching even simplest and smallest discomfort or distress signals sent by your body which otherwise was quite possible to miss it from getting your attention. With this facility there are fair chances that you will escape the asymptomatic and sudden health issues erupting out from nowhere and disturbing your smoothly running life, your family, your profession and your finances.

Authentic Products @ Honest Prices

WELLthyLife is always striving hard to develop authentic products and offer them to you at honest prices. We offer various products in the categories of Nutrition & Wellness, Dietary Supplements, Weight Management, Personal Care, Skin Care, Health Gadgets, etc. We are extra careful when we select any ingredient in our product formulation when it comes to quality and efficacy. All our vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, etc are well screened with site visits and personal assessments to ensure quality at all the times. We pay very serious attention in all the manufacturing processes and ensure that our partner manufacturing facilities are compliant to the best of the standards and norms laid down by the government for quality assurances. All our product manufacturing happens at the Pharma grade factories ensuring utmost care for purity, hygiene and scalability with trust factor. We source the best of the ingredients from the world’s top most suppliers and never compromise on quality over price. Our packaging material is very carefully selected so as to ensure no reaction with the material inside and damage free, tamper free and spill-proof movement of products from one place to other. All our formulations are very well researched by the leading formulators and are time tested thoroughly before we convert it into a commercial product. To bring in the authentic quality value to the product, we usually depend on the various certifications available in the industry and invest a huge funding to get as many certifications as possible for most of our products. Our label claims are authenticated by the industry experts and consultants and it helps us in positioning the product with right credentials. While trying to achieve the most for the quality of all the finished products, we ensure that our selling prices are honest, affordable and are at par or lower than any of the comparable brands in the market.

Unique referral & Customer Loyalty Program

We truly believe that for any of the health and wellness related product, what matters the most is the quality and satisfaction of the consumer due to desired results. We truly believe in the power of ‘word of mouth’ and power of ‘referral’ and have designed a unique referral and loyalty program on the product sale. In our loyalty program we take extra efforts to give specialized attention to our loyal customers. We offer various privilege services to our loyal customers comprising of special discounts on all the purchases, intimations on the new product launches, seasonal schemes, door deliveries, e-newsletters, etc. We are sure that once you become our loyal customer, your overall experience with WELLthyLife with our products and services and the transformation in your health profile will not stop you from wanting the same to happen with your near and dear ones. In our referral program, all our loyal customers are authorized to proudly refer their friends and relatives (only by their own choice – no compulsion) to opt for this healthy initiative and make considerable positive changes in their lives. Upon referring, all our loyal customers are entitled to earn sizable referral incentives on all the product purchases that are made by their referrals. This way WELLthyLife offers you an opportunity to be healthy and help others also to lead a healthy and active life with sizable referral sales incentives to complement with.

Expert advisory panel

WELLthyLife is proud to have an expert advisory panel of people who are well known authorities in their subject. Our panel comprises of senior super specialist doctors of multiple domains (cardiologist, orthopedic, general surgeon, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, oncologist, pain management experts, dentist, pathologist, physiotherapist, psychologist, etc), Nutritionist, Dietitian, Cosmetologist, Yoga and alternative therapy experts etc. They all together contribute to the overall scientific approach of WELLthyLife towards preventive health care. We regularly seek their advice for strategic decisions and solicit their active involvement in the day to day operations too wherever required. They are our knowledge base partners and speakers for all our health seminars and play very vital role in deciding everything that is important for us to offer you for your best of the preventive health care. They can also be consulted for any special reasons you may have with prior appointment. WELLthyLife content of all forms is always written or checked and approved by one of our panelist according to their specialization. The entire product development, formulations, innovative concepts, label claims, etc is always initiated and executed with the consent of our advisory panel. Our panel also plays a vital role in the WELLthyLIfe foundation in conceptualizing, designing and executing various activities and events for the social causes.