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GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity

GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity

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Get daily dose of essential proteins for immune system cells and antibodies. Fuel your strength & active lifestyle with Proteinz made from the best quality Dupont Soy Protein Isolate with natural herbs - Ayurvedic power booster Ashwagandha & brain booster Brahmi
  • High quality 95% Protein for day long energy
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile to fuel sustained muscle growth
  • Multiple phytonutrients as Antioxidants for every cell
  • Essential proteins for Antiaging
  • High quality & long term Immunity boosters
  • Clean & high quality delicious nutrition for any lifestyle

Build & Repair Muscles

Gives Immunity & Strength

Full Day Energy

Burns Fat

Hair, Skin, Beauty

Energy Booster Without Fat

Gut Friendly

Lipid Heart Health

Holistic Health

Why GoYNG Proteinz everyday ?

There are 20 amino acids (the building blocks) that make up your cell’s proteins. While your liver can manufacture all but 9 of them. Isoflavones are phytochemicals that prevent illness & promote disease free good health. Peptides from soy protein isolates influence the immune system and hormones linked to emotion, also boost brain function. Great for cardiovascular health, it helps protect and maintain strong and healthy bones. GoYNG Proteinz is 100% Vegetarian. Sugar Free, Diabetes friendly & Heart friendly. No bloating, No indigestion, No side effects, safe for all age groups and contains only certified ingredients

Real Ingredients Real Results

GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity

Clean Plant Protein

High amount of Protein to ensure the daily dose of your body’s requirement.
GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity

Enriched With Herbs

Support body’s self defense through improve the cell-mediated immunity.
GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity

Finest Quality Ingredient

Soy Protein Isolate for complete essential amino acid profile.
GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity

Low in Fat & Cholesterol

Low in saturated fat & cholesterol protein ingredient safe & heart friendly
GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity

What Users say

Daily Protein for Everyone

Because every cell is made of Proteins.As per ICMR, a healthy adult need approx. 1g protein/kg of body weight every day. So, an adult of 60 kg would need approx. 60 g of protein every day.
Reliable Daily Protein
Highly Digestible Protein
Protein for all age groups
Fat Free, Authentic Protein


GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity
GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity
GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity
GoYNG Proteinz Daily Supplement for Immunity


Proteins are an important constituent of tissues and cells of the body. They form an important component of muscles and other tissues, provide essential amino acids which are important for metabolism, growth & development. GoYNG Proteinz makes it convenient in a scoop to take daily requirement of protein

Yes. Definitely.If youa re multitasker looking for better health. Protein out of any other macronutrient has been shown to have a greater satiating effect, meaning it keeps you fuller for longer. Plus whey protein specifically has been shown to 'thermic effect' meaning it actually requires calories to digest.

Soyabean is best source of Plant Protein. Very very few people have allergies to that. Actually rarely have. This product contains no fat and no cholesterol.

GoYNG Proteinz is Sugar FREE. the sweetness is formulated with Plant extracted sweetening source. So this is compeltely safe for health pro & diabetic people

This is NOT a post workout Protein. This is to fill the gap of Daily protein requirement that you lack to take to run all cells in best condition. Great for hair, nails, eyes and almost every organ. For best results take atleast for 3 months and can continue

Function of Protein is to build muscle and manage wear & tear of muscles everyday. However, people who are exercising extremely they need Whey Protein. Who are not exercising more than an hour need Daily Lean protein - GoYNG Proteinz

There are 20 amino acids (the building blocks) that make up your cell’s proteins. While your liver can manufacture all but 9 of them, which you must get through your gullet (esophagus), it much prefers to get them pre-assembled. Many amino acids - our body needs an abundant supply to function optimally.In modern industrialized food culture people overeat and end up malnourished. Thats why GoYNG Proteinz is the answer When our body is in building and repair mode, it needs even more amino acids than normal.

GoYNG Proteinz is for family. It has HIGH digestibility. PDCAAS 1 which is highest possible. Made from Highest quality available. Child to adult anyone can take GoYNG Proteinz and Recommended Daily

Not at all. People with specific and critical health complications, Pregnant & lactating women may consult medical practitioner.

Studies indicate that high-protein diets can result in weight loss, even without limiting calories or nutrient. GoYNG Proteinz is LEAN protein which is FAT FREE , SUGAR FREE and filling the gap of Daily Protein intake


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