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Corp Health


Wellthy Employees mean Wealthy business.

WellthyLife strives to make difference to the lives of crazy busy professionals.

CorpHealth is the initiative to enhance employee’s productivity through better health. Our Wellness coach conducts super effective sessions, one-to-one interactions with employees, 5 Days Masterclass, 30 days Programs, tailor-made programs for corporates …. All supporting with exact health supplements for prevention & care. And LOT MORE …

As an employer you get a corporate wellness platform for seamless workplace wellness experience. Increase Productivity. Boost Employee Engagement. Promote Healthy Habits

Our Clients Have Witnessed

At CorpHealth we take holistic approach – right from quick screening with body composition analysis to a simple blood test to a comprehensive health checkup to Wellness Corner… we actively work on redefining 'wellness' not just being a state of physical being but emotional and mental wellbeing and link with productivity at optimum level.

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