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GoYNG ProteinPlus - Protein for Family 500g powder

GoYNG ProteinPlus - Protein for Family 500g powder

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Get the full dose of protein for running your healthy body. After water - protein is the next important constituent of every cell. Right from haemoglobin to eyes, skin to muscles, hair to nail, hormones to enzymes all are PROTEINS that you need EVERYDAY to run your body system. How much protein do you take ? 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day is required. Few of proteins your body prepare and few your body can not. 10% to 30% of your calories should come from Protein. You need to consume protein from dietary sources - and this hectic schedule does not allow you. GoYNG Protein Plus supplied DAILY PROTEIN for your cells

  • Get the perfect blend of 3 quality time released proteins namely whey protein isolate, soy protein isolates & whey protein concentrate
  • Build. Get Protein as building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin
  • Your hair and nails are comprised mostly of protein
  • Red blood cells contain a protein compound that carries oxygen throughout the body.
  • About half the dietary protein that you consume each day goes into making enzymes, which aids in digesting food, and making new cells and body chemicals
  • Protein plays an important role in hormone regulation, especially during the transformation and development of cells during puberty.
  • stay in shape with daily protein made convenient in GoYNG Protein Plus

Energy Booster

Protein for Cells

80% Protein

Essential Amino Acids

Vital Nutrients

Essential Vitamins

Vital Minerals

For Full Family

Sugar FREE

Is it a GYM Protein ? No

People who workout there is continuous breakage of tissues so they need special protein for muscle wear and tear. Others also regularly lose muscles due to daily wear and tear. GoYNG Protein Plus have Whey Protein (Muscles) and also Soy protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. This ensures continuous supply of all ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS

Real Ingredients Real Results

GoYNG  ProteinPlus - Protein for Family 500g powder

No Fillers

No cheap ingredients as fillers used. Packed with 80% Protein.

GoYNG  ProteinPlus - Protein for Family 500g powder

High Quality Ingredient

guaranteed high Quality ingredients with Vital Nutrients

GoYNG  ProteinPlus - Protein for Family 500g powder

Protein Digestibility Highest

Completely digestible protein with highest score of 1

GoYNG  ProteinPlus - Protein for Family 500g powder

Prescribed Protein

Certified by CMIRD and Prescribed by medical Practitioners.

GoYNG  ProteinPlus - Protein for Family 500g powder

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Sachin Tiwari
Entire family liked the taste

Good product. Packaging is nice and more importantly we all liked the taste. Would recommend.

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