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India’s first Wellness Loyalty Program

WellthyLife is a unique Wellness Loyalty Program. It helps you make your health the top-most priority for you in your life. Get rewarded for setting your health as priority and for building a wellthier community.

WellthyLife is for everyone who wants to live healthy. It offers a wide range of knowledge, information, discounts & privileges to its loyal customers. It offers solutions for preventive health & better living on a digital platform with personalized Health Monitoring Panel & Electronic Health Records.

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Prevailing Problems in today’s life

Health is always compromised in today’s fast moving lifestyle. In spite of being aware of an old saying ‘Health Is Wealth’, we are running endlessly after our desires and hardly find time for our own health. The damage caused is normally seen in very early ages when our body starts giving us alarming signals. Often these signals are either not interpreted by us correctly or we ignore them due to our other priorities. Both ways, this leads slowly to the symptoms and then diseases which are mostly irreversible and demands lifelong curative measures.

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DELs Theory

DELs means delete STRESS from your life.

D stands for DIET, E stands for EXERCISE, L stands for LIFESTYLE and S stands for STRESS. If you take care of these 4 things (Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle and Stress) in your life, then you can live a happy and disease-free life.

By taking care of your diet, exercise, lifestyle and stress, you will be able to ensure your physical as well as emotional wellness. This will change the way you live your life and will develop healthy habits in you. It will make you more alert and concerned about your health. You will be able to read the signals given by your body on time and will be able to act on them without any delay. And in true sense, this way you can delete STRESS from your life.

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iCARE Approach

WellthyLife suggest you a 5 step iCARE approach which helps you to make your health a priority for you and take a full control of your health.

  • i – Information : Get Aware
  • C – Check-up : Assess your health
  • A – Analysis : Analyze your Health
  • R – Response : Respond and take action to those concerned areas of health
  • E – Execution : Add prevention & care in your daily life with DELs theory & right products

iCARE for myself | iCARE for my family | iCARE for my parents | iCARE for my friends & relatives | iCARE for Employees

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Blood Check up for assessing your health

To take a good control of your health, it is imperative that you know your present health status on regular intervals. Often a lot of money gets wasted on the so called ‘health check ups’ which includes too many unwanted tests. A simple multi-profile multi-parameter blood test covers all the major health profiles like cardiac (lipid), diabetic (glycemic), thyroid, kidney (renal), liver, CBC, toxins, etc which gives you a fair idea about your present health condition. On analysis of these blood test reports, concerned health areas that need your immediate attention can be identified. Prompt preventive actions and regular blood check-ups at reasonable costs is a key towards true and continuous monitoring of your health to lead a healthy and active life. This according to us is the perfect way towards taking a good control of your health and making it a priority in your life.

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Get Ready for an opportunity called Wellthylife

WELLthyLife is all about taking good control of your health with the principle of prevention and care and extending the same to your family and friends to build wellthier communities. Once you become a loyal customer of WELLthyLife, multiple benefits and privilege services are offered to you including flat discounts on all of your purchases. Once a WELLthyLife loyal customer, your overall WELLthyLife experience will not stop you from referring this to your near & dear ones. Our referral program makes you eligible to earn various referral incentives on all the purchases done by your referrals. The referral incentives offered can become a sizable earning which grows over a period of time as your number of referrals grow and multiply further.

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About Product Quality

WELLthyLife suggests you premium quality and authentic products at honest prices.

Headed by a dynamic scientist Dr. Satilal Patil, our R&D team conducts our own research and reads hundreds of research papers every year to explore the best ingredients for our products. For core ingredients like herbs, botanical extracts, vitamins & minerals etc we use multiple quality measures to ensure only the best ingredients are used in manufacturing. Our stringent ingredient specifications require certificates of analysis, and we conduct our own analytical testing, periodically auditing our ingredient suppliers to ensure compliance.

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At WELLthyLife, we strongly believe that we as human being owe a lot to our very own society. It is our moral obligation that we contribute as per our convenience towards betterment of the society around us. WELLthyLife Foundation (WLF) is an entirely charitable and social initiative of WELLthyLife and ensures extending a helping hand to the poor and needy in the areas of preventive healthcare. The idea is to make ‘Health’ a priority for everyone in today’s life.

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