Access control list

Access control list is a list of permissions attached to Admin Roles. This list specifies the access rights of users to objects.

Category Permission name
Achievement Scheme
Achievement Offer
Achievement Scheme & Offer Qualifiers
Catalog Manage products
Catalog Categories
Catalog Tree view
Catalog Segments
Catalog Product reviews
Catalog Product tags
Catalog Specification Attributes
Catalog Checkout Attributes
Catalog HSN Code Master
Training Module Training Module
Configuration htmleditormanagepictures
Configuration Access control list
Configuration Stores
Configuration GST Master
Configuration Shipping Charges Matser
Content Management Email templates
Content Management Welcome Letter
Content Management Blog posts
Content Management Blog comments
Content Management Widgets
Widgets Anywhere Sliders
Affiliates Allow Affiliate Impersonation
Affiliates Admin Roles
Affiliates Password Details (Sub Admin)
Affiliates Affiliate Partner
Affiliates Affiliates
Affiliates Admin user
Affiliates KYC Document Transaction
Affiliates KYC Document Report
Affiliates Joining Details
Affiliates Downline Details
Affiliates State/City wise Count
Affiliates Generation Tree
Affiliates Generation Levelwise Count Details
Affiliates Generation Count Details
Affiliates Direct Sponsor Details
Affiliates Line of Sponsors
Affiliates Password Details (Member)
Affiliates KYC Approvals
Income E-Wallet Transfer Amount
Income E-Wallet Account Ledger
Income E-Wallet E-Wallet Balance Report
Income E-Wallet Confirm Request
Income E-Wallet Change Password
Income E-Wallet Approve Money Transaction
Income E-Wallet View Details(Cheque/Bank Transfer)
Income E-Wallet Approve Add Money Report
Public store Display Prices
Public store Enable shopping cart
Public store Enable wishlist
Public store Allow navigation
Inventory Stock-In (POR-wise)
Inventory GRN/MRN
Inventory Summary wise
Inventory Stock Summary Report
Inventory Detail wise
Inventory Pending POR Quantity Report
Inventory Return Stock POR
Inventory Stock Transfer Admin POR Return
Inventory Purchase Order
Inventory Stock-In (PO-wise)
Inventory Stock-In (Package-wise)
Inventory Supplier
Inventory Courier/Transporter
Inventory POR Details
Inventory Make Transfer
Inventory Return Stock PO
Inventory Stock Return Report
Inventory Affiliate Partner Stock Transfer Report
Inventory Accepts Goods
Inventory Acceptance Report
Payout Leadership Royalty Qualification Report
Payout Prime Order Activation Report
Payout Affiliate Income Report
Payout Wellthy Champ Qualifiers
Payout Bonus Master
Payout Grade Qualifiers
Payout Active/Inactive Status Report
Payout Calculate Monthly Payout
Payout Undo/ConfirmPayout
Payout Performance Bonus Report
Payout Leadership Bonus Report
Payout Turnover Report
Payout Rank Qualifiers
Payout Commission Detail
Payout Commission Statement
Payout Wellthy Bonus Report
Payout TDS Club Details
Sales Order GST Report
Sales Product Wise Sales Report
Sales Make Resale
Sales Current shopping carts
Sales Current wishlists
Sales Orders
Sales Shipments
Sales Products never purchased
Utilities Help Desk
Utilities Inbox
Utilities Compose Message
Utilities Sent
Utilities Folders
Utilities Popup Master
Utilities Departments
Utilities Priority
Utilities Staff
Utilities Tickets
Utilities sms template
Utilities Create Event Category
Utilities Create Event
Utilities List EventCategory
Utilities List Event
Utilities Create Image Album
Utilities Upload Photo
Utilities Create Image Album
Utilities View Photo
Access admin area Access admin area