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Welcome to WellthyLife -
India’s first Wellness Reward Program

The immune system is essential for our survival and prevention from infection & disease. As a ‘health pro’ or ‘health guilty’ person you always find it difficult to choose the right supplements, nutraceuticals or right products for your immunity, health & wellness.

WellthyLife helps you choose the right product for you and offers you authentic products at honest prices. It also offers you authentic knowledge, information and solutions for preventive health & better living on a digital platform. WellthyLife helps you set your health as the top-most priority

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Build Immunity & Get Rewarded

Going PrimeIndia’s first Wellness Reward Program

Join the whole new world of exclusive offers, discounts, Freebies, Goodies and much more.

GoYNG PRIME is a Wellness & Immunity Reward Program with unique SHOP, EARN, REDEEM & ENCASH model. It helps you focus on immunity and set your health as the top-most priority. Get rewarded for building immunity for self and spreading immunity to others. Get exclusive deals & discounts.

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Make Your Health a Priority

Health is the REAL Wealth. Wealth is of little use if you lose your health. Health gets neglected while we earn our living and run through this fast forward life. We all get into life race and our priority changes with work, career, business, children, family, livelihood etc and as result our health takes the back seat. As result, most of us are at health risk and not even aware of it.

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Get Checked Before it’s Too Late

Have You Checked Yours?
1 in every 11 adults has diabetes. 1 out of 3 adults has pre-diabetes. 1 in 2 adults with diabetes don’t know they have it.
60% health problems occur in 30-45 age. 70% of them can be averted if diagnosed in time.
70% urban Indian s are at risk of heart disease.
Health Checkup Needed?
1 in every 10 individual suffer from Thyroid disorder.
1 in 3 Indian adults has High Blood Pressure.
Non-communicable diseases cause 61% of deaths in India -WHO report


CorpHealth is an ‘employee wellness reward program’ designed for corporate & companies of every size. It rewards employer & employees for taking health as priority. It redefines employee’s health care & corporate health checkup. CorpHealth provides a co-branded health card which not only acts as employee health card but also entitles employees for host of benefits & privileges.

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WellthyLife Seniors

For most of the senior citizen throughout their life, taking care of their health was the last thing in their mind simply because they were too busy addressing other priorities of life. In the process, their health was often neglected. Healthcare becomes vital after the age of 60 and this is the time when prevention & care is needed the most.

Now, that they are in the best quarter of their life - let health not come their way to enjoy life. With Health Card, WellthyLife makes disease prevention & health care easier and rewarding for them. It’s easy & absolutely FREE.

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Health Monitoring Panel

Your Personalized Health Monitoring Panel with Electronic Health Records to help you keep a tab on your lifestyle by logging your steps, sleep, weight, BP etc. on a daily basis. No more hassles of searching your medical papers when you actually need them.

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WellthyLife Foundation

At WellthyLife, we strongly believe that every human being owes a lot towards our society. It is our moral obligation that we contribute as per our convenience towards betterment of the society around us. WellthyLife Foundation is an entirely charitable and social initiative of WellthyLife with an objective to bring health value to the poor, needy and mass in the area of preventive healthcare.

The core domain of WellthyLife foundation is to spread awareness about importance of preventive health and promote healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and regular health screening & monitoring. It also extends special care for elderly and senior citizen for all their preventive health care needs.

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